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We design energy solutions combining material sustainability benefits and attractive financial returns for a responsible yet pragmatic transition
Ad Terra Consultancy provides technical, commercial and regulatory support to the energy sector internationally since 2010. Our expertise includes oil and gas exploration, production, and decarbonisation, renewables (geothermal, solar, wind and biomass), critical raw materials (direct lithium extraction and helium), carbon capture and storage, carbon emissions monitoring and management, sustainable water solutions, nuclear waste storage, energy storage, and natural hydrogen.

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Ad Terra Synergy is an investment vehicle enabling financial participation in innovative companies, projects and technologies across the energy space. Ad Terra endeavours to deliver material sustainability impact and attractive financial performance through innovative technologies and commercial models. Our strategy aims at accelerating energy transition and lowering reliance on public funding. Ad Terra seeks long-term technical, technological, operational, and strategic partnerships. We invest in both commercial and R&D projects.

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Ad Terra Energy is the branch supervising our operational activities for we not only provide services and financing but also act to make energy transition a reality. We firmly believe that tackling sustainability challenges requires direct engagement in operations to overcome technological challenges through developing industrial-scale pilots and projects.

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