International Energy Experts
We are strong of a team of 40 geoscientists, engineers, economists, asset managers, and investment professionals passionate about energy and sustainability
Management Team
Benjamin Sallier, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael Suana, PhD
Associate & Co-Founder
Bernd Fiebig, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Blaise Fremaux
Chief Commercial Officer
Energy Transition Team
Pascal Vinard, PhD
Head of Renewables
Eric Léoutre
Head of Geothermal
Federico Games
Head of CCUS
Bryan Tutty
Head of Critical Materials
Haijing Wang, PhD
Sustainable Water Lead
Mikhail Baykulov, PhD
Nuclear Waste Storage Lead
Eleanor Bailey, PhD
Arctic and Climate Lead
Aleksander Aramowicz, PhD
Energy Intelligence Lead
Sabina Warnell
Hydrogen Lead
Rodolphe Lathion
Energy Storage Lead
Maria Bejarno
Sustainability Lead
Robin Vital
GHG Emissions Lead
Quentin Hirsch
Direct Air Capture Lead
Arthur Remaud
Carbon Utilisation Lead
Desiree Petrilli
Artificial Intelligence Lead
Eric Gaucher
Natural Hydrogen &
Geochemistry Advisor
Support Team
Korina Bodnar
Contract Manager
Aleksandra Bollen
Head of Human Resources
Adeline Bertolo
HR Manager
Beibit Carena
Financial Accountant
Olivier Felten
IT Manager
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